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How Podcast Survey Can Help You Improve Your Show

Podcast Survey

When a podcast presenter creates content, he or she always keeps the audience in mind. There are instances when a Podcast Survey presenter is completely clueless as to what their audience wants to hear. We can be guaranteed to gather feedback from the audience if we create a podcast poll. It’s a chance to hear directly from the audience. Surveys for podcasts are a terrific method to find out what your listeners want and how to improve your show.

What is the purpose of a podcast poll?

A survey is a technique for a business or organisation to gather direct feedback from its customers or constituents. It is possible for a podcaster to conduct a poll of their audience. Your audience’s reaction is the best approach for you to learn about how they feel about your presentation. Love it when people provide feedback and critique my work! They don’t, however, provide any guidance as to how you might better serve your target audience and deliver on their expectations. In contrast, a podcast survey allows you to interact with your entire audience.

Advantages Of Using a Podcast Survey 

Becoming Acquainted with Audience Preferences

Listeners may tell the presenter exactly what they really want to hear by taking part in podcast surveys, which saves the host the time and effort of speculating. The podcast producer has the opportunity to make the podcast more enjoyable for the listeners. What the audience wants to hear varies widely.

Including Audience Members in the Creation Process

Listeners who take the time to complete the podcast survey are more likely to stick with it. If an episode featuring their suggestion was recorded, they could feel more engaged to the podcast. They may also forward the audio to their contacts and publish it on their social media accounts. The podcast will benefit from this. Listening to podcast will have a greater influence as the number of people who do so grows.

Surveying Your Listeners through a Podcast

Making a Response to the Poll

A low response rate is likely if the survey is made difficult to complete by the poll’s organisers. In order to maximize the number of surveys, several methods will be used. Make a Multiple-Choice Question Survey. As the survey progresses, listeners will become more likely to reply the questions at the conclusion since they are already involved in the survey. An audio survey is an option. Add a audio clip of questions to your podcast editing process. A survey is a simple way to get people’s attention.

Ask Your Friends Which Episode They’d Most Like to See Become a Star

Hosts should inquire about their audience’s favourite episodes to generate more and better material. If the most popular show is an interview, then the show should perform more interviews. ‘ Answering The host can gauge the listener’s interest by asking this question. When people select their favourite episodes, they’re expressing a want for more of the same. A linked series of episodes can be created if an episode is experimental.

Why Are They Tuned In?

For the sake of our listeners, this query will be really beneficial. The host should be able to choose from one of three possibilities. They should look like this: For the sake of education or entertainment. A host may experiment with their topic while the audience is engaged and having fun. Listeners won’t abandon ship if only minor tweaks are made. A host can provide actionable actions for listeners who want to learn more about a topic. Listeners will be able to follow along with a recorded example of how to accomplish the same. This is good news for those who want to see development.

Inquire about what they prefer to hear Podcast Survey

Asked via a poll, the host might learn more about what the audience is interested in hearing about. There may be a topic which the presenter overlooks that the audience would like to hear about. This option enables viewers to share their thoughts on new episodes and material. This question has the potential to turn even the most casual of listeners into a dedicated one. Listeners who came up with an episode suggestion for the show may want to share it with their social networks.

Ask Them How They Discovered It Podcast Survey

Hosts may learn more about their marketing channels by asking this sort of inquiry. Results can influence promotional methods for hosts. It’s possible that the host will spend more time on the podcast if a listener hears about it from one particular source. A presenter may cease advertising a certain channel if no one mentions it.

Ask How Far They Have Been Hearing

This enquiry can help you figure out how much money you’ll need to repurchase. Hosts must use earlier episodes to explain current events to newcomers if the majority of the audience is unfamiliar. Listeners who have listened to the entire series will just require a brief summary of the previous episodes.

Make each and every one of the inquiries optional.

Spam may be prevented by making all questions optional. If they don’t, a listener will be able to skip over that part of the conversation. I’d want to respond to it. They don’t have to guess their way to the following question by filling in random responses. This saves a lot of time when sifting through surveys. False answers will no longer be a burden for the host to filter through.

Ask for an Email

At the end of the survey, ask for the listener’s email address. They can be contacted by the host if they offer any replies that are of interest.

Ways To Entice Listeners To Participate In A Podcast Survey

Now, it’s all about getting your listeners to participate in the survey. As an alternative, a giveaway might be organized in which the survey serves as an entry requirement to engage in a drawing. Another option is to offer a reward, such as a discount or voucher, to those who participate in the survey. Another option is to go outside the box and provide rewards like shout outs in future episodes. Also, you might ask people what they’d want to say in your Reason shoutout area of your survey.

Guidelines for a Successful Podcast Survey

So, you’ve come to the conclusion that podcast survey are an absolute must. You relish the chance to establish a personal connection with the audience and are eager to learn what they have to say. But what if you’re unaware about how to conduct a survey properly? Do not be alarmed! Here are some recommendations on how to conduct a survey in the most efficient manner possible.

Keep things basic and concise

Your survey will be more effective if it is short and basic. In spite of their devotion, no listener will put in the effort to complete the lengthy and laborious survey.

Simplify things To Podcast Survey

Keep in mind that you’ve got your gadgets with you. To conduct a survey, utilise interne tools like Google Docs. Close-ended inquiries are the best way to get to the heart of the matter. Closed-ended questions are the final piece of advice I can provide you on how to improve your interview.


By putting together a survey, the host and the listeners have the opportunity to work together. The results of a poll provide the presenter an idea of what topics their audience is most interested in hearing about. Creating material based on the results of the poll might encourage listeners to stick around. Creating and disseminating podcast surveys has no disadvantages.

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